About Me

Hey, I'm Ajwad. I'm a developer mainly working on games and tools for game dev. Currently, I am working at Material10 as Gameplay Programmer.

I am an adovocate of free/accessible education. I will be sharing the tips & tricks that we use to make games or my experience working with different tools and technologies.

I was always fascinated by software engineering and electronics. I decided to pursue software engineering because computers offer a blend of both worlds. One day, during my second semester I saw a game development workshop was taking place so I decided to take it and the rest is history. I was hooked on game development from that day and most of CS projects were based on games.


Game Development Workshop - 2019

In this workshop, we made a side scroller shooter game in 2 days. The workshop was held in order to better prepare students for the game jam that ILC COMSATS wanted to organize which ended up becoming the biggest game jam of Pakistan. I was invited to mentor the students at the game jam.

Introduction to Game Development - 2017

I taught how to use Unity to make casual games in this 1 day workshop. The main audience of this workshop were Juniors at COMSATS University and people interested in starting their own game development journey.